Wewer Keohane

PHD and Author of Artful Dreaming :
“Our beauty is exposed to us through the dream as we dive into the shadow material of the subconscious through dream work”

Wewer Keohane believes that “Art Saves Lives” and “Dreams Grow Lives” into authentic experiences of honest self-inquiry.  She holds Ph.D.s in Creative Arts and Psychology with an emphasis on Dream analysis.  She is the author of best-selling Artful Dreaming: A Primer for finding inspiration from your dreams which ties her passion for art, creativity and dream work into a helpful unfolding of creative self-inquiry and creativity. She is a collected and exhibited artist with works in the permanent collections of 7 museums.  Presently, she has a private practice as an art/dream coach and an artist, and spent over 30 years teaching at the university level and in private workshops around the world as well as 15 years in the business world.  She was the keynote speaker for The International Association for the Study of Dreams, an Inaugural Fellow at the Aspen Art Museum, and she sponsors a scholarship called Art Saves Lives for Carbondale Arts in Carbondale, Colorado, where she resides with her husband Steve and their dog, Moksa, and cat, Penelope.