Wewer Keohane
PHD and Author of Artful Dreaming 
“Our beauty is exposed to us through the dream as we dive into the shadow material of the subconscious through dream work”

Jarid Rollins
Mental Health Clinician, Mid Valley Medical Practice
Jarid helps us understand the benefits of processing emotional toxins and the consequences of avoiding this exercise.

Vanessa Porras
Art and Art Expression
By its nature art allows expression of the subconscious.
Vanessa shares her personal experiences with expressive art and how it helped her meet her emocional challenges.

Charles Morris
Founder of We Are Designed to Heal
Author of Butterfly The Journey from Loss to Recovery, A Guide For Transformation.
Charles describes the importance of emotional granularity, identifying and articulating emotions. Promoting healthy, beneficial, emotions and processing the toxic ones can help create a healthy landscape for grief to unfold.